I have learned over the years that one of the best ways to really get to learn about a celebrity, is to watch them in action when they are "off stage."

Such was certainly the case with Celine Dion. We arrived to interview the star in Montreal at the conclusion of a music video shoot. I watched the shoot, I watched her.

It was a long and demanding shoot. There were at least 100 people involved and watching how Celine interacted with them was an eye-opener. She was patient, kind, self deprecating and indeed funny. Even when nerves were frayed, as can happen with long days, her professionalism and generous nature shone through. I must admit, I was inspired to see that degree of genuine warmth she shared with every member of the crew.

I knew she was a superstar on stage -- now I know she’s a superstar within.

Travelling to Las Vegas to talk to Shania Twain, I sat on the plane and wondered how best to start the interview when I got there. Not normally something I worry about, but with Shania, I knew from past interviews, she can be soft spoken and shy.

I also have not spoken with her since her book launch and at the time she was still healing her heart and her voice. My goal with an interview is to make it a “conversation” as opposed to a Q & A (question and answer). It became that and more.

She is very excited about the new two-year stint at Caesars Palace Colosseum …and it shows. You can’t fake passion and passion came through in spades.

Watch Canada AM all week for a look at Las Vegas. Bev's interview with Celine Dion airs Monday, and Shania Twain appears on Friday's show. More details.